Artist spotlight : Shilin

No , I’m not dead, I’m just ungodly slow at writing my thoughts on art. Ah yes, and there’s the procrastination problem.  Might have been a good New Year’s resolution to stop procrastinating , but I never stick to those , which is a problem in itself…. Anyhow, on to the art!


Ask what it is that I like about Shilin’s art and I can go on for days. Before I start rambling nonsense , I will try and explain why Shilin’s art is awesome : )

Title: Immortal


This is an illustration of the main character of Shilin’s webmanga, Carciphona. Her name is Veloce Visrin.

Look at the amount of detail she manages to put into one illustration without making it look messy or destroying the atmosphere. This was done entirely without lineart which makes it all the more impressive . I also love the ”organic” feel of the skin, by which I mean that it looks like you can reach out and touch it and it would feel like real skin (although Veloce would probably thwack you if you did that ). The overall ”timeless” feel of this illustration is emphasized by the mist and the use of rich colours like brown and red, mixed with gold and subtle shades of grey and green. I have this one as a  poster print on my wall and am happy I can wake up to something gorgeous like this every day. This is also something that I (and I’m sure many others) want to work toward as a yet unskilled artist.

Title: Weave the heavens


This illustration shows how effortlessly Shilin can switch between styles, going from  what looks like a mix between semi-realism and manga/anime style to a typical anime-styled piece. I like the overall happy feel of this illustration and I’m sure this illustration will appeal to young children as well .  Again, Shilin manages to add beautiful detail without making the illustration look messy. I also like the  contrast between the light green hair and the dark red of the the dress , and how the hair seems to fade into the background with blueish ends.

There are many anime- styled pieced that hysterically scream ”look at me! look at me!”, but this is definetly not one of those, in a good way. The aformentioned kind of pieces are just out there to create an impact without leaving a lasting impression , and this picture manages to do both; creating an impact and leaving a lasting impression. ~

Title: Good bye

Another Carciphona piece! This time featuring Veloce and Blackbird , the latter of which is also a main character in the manga.

Now this is a stunning illustration. From the folds in the clothes to the way the light hits the characters and ,of course, details details details! I also love how she painted the rock/marble- like platform, and the city (?) in the lower left corner is also very well done. A lot of artists (professional as wel as hobbysts) tend to make small things like that either too detailed, distracting the attention from the main subject(s) or too simple, adding little to nothing to the illustration, and this is done just right.

And last but not least:

Title: Spiral

Another Carciphona illustration (personally, I think her most impressive illustrations so far are the Carciphona -related ones. )

This one is similar in athmosphere to Immortal, and yet the tenderness between Veloce and Vocruen (the red- haired character) distinguishes this illustration from the other one.  What I love particularly about this illustration is how the fabric swirls and the sand (I assume it’s sand) swirl around the two characters, and how the sword lends a certain elegance to Veloce’s pose. I also like the subtle hint of this scene taking place in the early morning, which is an effect created by the masterfully painted light and shadows.

All in all, Shilin is an amazing artist of whom I hope to see many more works  : )

Now that we’re at it, why not drop by her website or DeviantArt and be sure to take a look at Carciphona!