Artist spotlight: Lexi

(FYI : I decided to update at least once a month to keep people  from thinking I’m being idle with this blog.  I’m also working on a fancy image to make things look less plain and boring)


This month’s featured  artist is the lovely  Lexi !

Title: Once in a red moon


One of Lexi’s major influences is fairy tales, and I think that can be seen very well throughout her original works. Above is a fine example . I absolutely love the softness of the image despite the use of vibrant reds, and how this illustration plays with different textures and effects. Details like the glowing leaves and the patterns  add magic to this illustration, and the blues , greens and yellows in the background make this beautiful fairy pop without disrupting the serene atmosphere. In fact, the contrasting colours contribute to the overall mysterious feel to this illustration . I feel relaxed looking at it.

Title: X e r x e s


Ok, ok, I know I’m mainly about original art, but this piece of Pandora Hearts fan art has made such a huge impression on me that I couldn’ t bear to leave it out. I happen to be a pretty devoted fan of Pandora Hearts, and Xerxes Break is one of my favorite characters.  This is one of the best , if not the best fan art  featuring him that I have seen so far.  Aside from that I really like the contrast of black, white and red, and  the smooth shading in the hair. It looks very simple, which is a good thing because it commands  the eye to carefully study the entire illustration and not just his face . The overall dark, ominous feel of this image reflects Xerx’s  personality beneath his goofy façade perfectly. Lexi also created a stunning image of Cheshire which can be viewed over at her DeviantArt gallery(link at the bottom of this entry).  Roses are a classic element in dramatic illustrations and I think they are used very effectively here, as the revelation in the chapter of the manga this illustration is based on is also quite shocking.

Title: Let your heart come undone

Talking about fan art, here is a gorgeous rendition of Fai D. Fluorite from the manga Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles by Clamp.  This illustration  demonstrates Lexi’s wonderful skills with Copic markers(yes, tradtional media , really!)  in the way the preceding illustrations show off her skills with digital media.  This is my favourite marker illustration of hers so far . The ice crystals on the robe and the robe itself just blow me away, and the way in wich the colour of the robe complements the warm skin tones in an otherwise icy- looking picture is magnificent.  The glowing heart inside his hand and his somewhat sad expression really make me want to know more about this character, and apart from the series this character is from, this image is just breathtaking.  This has made me want to try Copic markers myself (although I’m way inferior to Lexi in using them).

Title:   Fairytale

This is undoubtedly a very  cute image featuring the artist’s original characters.  Somehow I really enjoy looking at the characters ‘ hands;  they’re drawn very elegantly. I also like the delicacy of the image itself, as if it came straight from a children’s storybook. I think the texture used contributes to this, making the image look ‘vintage’ in a way.

The characters’ light skin and the use of white make the two white- haired characters look like they were made out of fragile porcelain.  The green- haired character is an interesting contrast, seeing it as he wears ‘rougher’ clothes and has more robust colouring than the other two . This illustration is also featured in the book Shoujo Manga Pop&Romance (Spanish: Shoujo Manga Paso a Paso, English language edition published by HarperCollins) .

Lexi will be at Japan Expo in Paris this year with new illustrations , so if you happen to go there,  drop by her table and say hi!   also, visit her Tumblr blog where she posts sketches and work in progress, and of course her DeviantArt gallery where many of her finished works are.