Artist spotlight: Bao Pham

Hi everyone! I feel like it’s been pretty long since my last post. I’ve been feeling jetlaggy for the past few days, though it’s slowly getting better.  My coming-of-age trip’s across the Atlantic’s been a lot of fun so far.  Anyhow, let’s go to this month’s feature!  This time I’ll be writing about  artist Bao Pham, whose  portraits I absolutely love.


Title: Last Words

This is one stunning portrait .  What I like very much in this image is the hazy, wintery feel.  The use of negative space for the branches is a unique detail that , in combination with the hues of blue,  reminds me a bit of those small tiles painted with traditional scenes in Delft blue.

I also love the contrast between the face, the hand and the rest of the image.  Where the woman’s face and hand are sharply rendered , her clothing seems to use slightly more rough strokes . I like how blueish outlines and shadows are used to integrate her more into the background  . That aside , the yellow, most notably the woman’s greenish- yellow eyelids, give the image an exotic tinge.

Title: Kaleidoscope

Readers of Imagine FX Magazine may have already seen this alienesque lady grace the cover of issue 79 . This is undoubtedly a major flip from the first image , and that is exactly what shows the artist’s amazing skill. I love the mix of vibrant colours , and the details on all the butterflies simply blow me away.  I also like how the character’s skin is kept relatively neutral in hue and colour so that the picture doesn’t feel too crowded or messy .  It’s clear that the butterfly coat is the center of the piece . The minimal facial features and the soft flowing hair with subtle gradient give this character an elegant, captivating look.

Title: Shione

I think this painting is where I fell in love with Bao’s works for real. The lighting is just plain perfect, and the character’s muscular build really shines. To me, it wasn’t her face that caught my attention, but the way light and shadow play on her shoulder blades , her arms , and her hair. Not to mention the exquisite rendering of her clothing.

Title: Dusk

I love how the sky is painted here; it may seem empty, but if you look at it for a while you can see it’s actually rich with different hues of pink , brown and purple.  The fairy’s pose and her facial expression, as if she’s contemplating her surroundings,  make this image truly magical to me.

To be honest, I feel like I’ll be doing the artist little justice by writing any more,  so do check out  Bao’s DeviantArt gallery  and of course his blog.