Artist Spotlight: Bory

*yaaaaaaawn* , now that the days are getting shorter I’m getting tired much faster. And yep , this is pretty much of a problem since this school year I’m focusing on subjects that I am not strong at (i.e. math). But I’ll leave the whining to my personal blog. Let’s go to this month’s feature!

This month’s featured artist is Bory, who works primarily with watercolour inks. What strikes me about her work is the beautiful  colours and colour combinations, such as in this illustration:

Title: Red Butterflies

The red of the butterflies, the tiny specks of white and the translucent, rainbow- hued wings lend a glow- like effect to this illustration. I also like how the character seems to form some kind of  border for the gradient in the background, as if she finds herself somewhere between light and dark, or a cold winter day and a night filled with red butterflies.   The somewhat spiky hair and the detailed bodice make an interesting contrast to the flow of the clothing.  What also strikes me is that , while the hues in her hair are kept within the green/blue range,   her skin and clothes uses pink and purple , creating a bit of warmth within the ”cold” feel of the image together with the butterflies.

Title: Autumn

This is the kind of character design I’d love to see in games .  The pants and straps  modernise the travelling sorcerer- like outfit a bit, which I like.  This illustration also shows that the artist is excellent in creating gradients seen in the background, often complemented by a little shape such as the leaves here.  Of course, the title suits the illustration very well; the colours and hues and especially the accents of white below that look like reflected light add to the atmosphere of an autumn morning. Note the character’s content expression, as if he is listening to the running stream below him and the rustle of the leaves .

Title: The Swan Tombstones

This is an image of Bory’s orginal comic, ‘Le Caveau des 11 Cygnes’  ”(The Swan Tombstones” in English). The intricate use of blues and whites here give this image a unique, fairy- tale like feel (be warned , the comic appears  to feature zombies as well) .  For some reason Lisbeth, the main characters hair, looks very interesting with the colours and the wings of the swans in the background.  Where Lisbeth’s hair is soft and dark in colour, the swans’ wings are sharp and painted with lighter hues.   I also dig the light-on-dark specks of colours that are scattered all over the scene,  simultanously creating garden/forest- like surroundings and small spots of light , adding to the atmosphere.  The silhouettes of what look like buildings are a great touch that create an interesting background without drawing our attention away from Lisbeth and the swans.

Title: White Lilies

One of Bory’s digital artworks. Although I admit I’m not as much a fan of her digital work as I am of her watercolours , I was drawn to this image.  I love the smooth colouring and the lighting, and all the little details like her shoes, the bed frame , the collar and the strings of pearls in her hair. Her facial expression and elegant pose make her look like she is waiting for someone but can also just get up and walk away; she doesn’t depend that much on that someone to keep waiting for days on end.  The shadow on the wall , the torn fabric and the dirty- looking walls work very well as a contrast to the character’s refined look.

That’s all for this month folks! I hope you liked it . The next update probably won’t come ’round till mid-October.  In the meantime, why don’t you stop by the artist’s website, DeviantArt gallery and Tumblr  blog?