Artist Spotlight: Nati

Whoo! I’m back from the dead. I’m sorry if it took long, I had this huge pile of homework and and and -shot-. I know what you’re thinking (‘cut the crap! ‘ ) buuuuuut I thought I at least owed you an explanation why this blog hasn’t been active recently.  Also , last review of the year!


December’s featured artist is the lovely Nati, whose illustrations contain a unique vintage flair  created by beautiful shades of grey and brown combined with both rich and muted colours  .

Title: The Canary Prince- folktale

This illustration is pure magic. Using a combination of markers and soft pastels, Nati has created a storybook image with a soft, gentle atmosphere.   What I really like here is the play with lines and colours.  The dark shade of red and slightly thicker lines of the dress make the character stand out and create depth . Using relatively thick lines can be tricky , since characters can end up looking too cartoony (unless that’s what you intended), but here is a fine example of where this works and actually adds to the liveliness of the image.  I also love the landscape in the background; you can clearly see it is a forest despite the fact that there is not too much detail.  And this is exactly what makes this illustration just perfect. Our attention should go to the princess by the windowsill, but we still get an idea of the surroundings.

Title: Lenore

Lenore by Nati

I love the use of watercolours and black ink in this picture.  Not only does Nati manage to create a three- dimensional effect with just these two mediums , she also includes beautiful detail and texture. For example, the bird’s coat actually looks like real feathers , and so does the character’s collar , which with its creases and subtle shading gives the impression of soft fabric.  Not to mention the string of small beads clutched in the fingers of a delicate hand. The watercolour forms a great contrast with the black and gives this illustration a dynamic touch, complimented by the flow of the hair .

Title: The Lake

The Lake by NatiA young man sitting by a lakeside, perhaps lost in a daydream.  This illustration , like the first , demonstrates Nati’s ability to create a unique fairy- tale atmosphere. Note the blue hues used for the parts of the surroundings that are farther away, effortlessly combined with the dark browns and greens of the foreground.  The subtle shadings make this illustration seem like it is glowing.

Title: Little Heart

Little Heart by Nati

Now this is a gorgeous piece.  I enjoy the earthy feel this illustration gives off, and the character’s dress , horns and flowers remind me of the nymphs in Greek mythology.  Note the character’s hand, holding on to the fleeting heart, and the facial expression.  The grassland and sky in the background give this image the impression that a subtle wind is blowing , and that it is dusk, or perhaps near dawn.


Whew! That’s it for 2012.  Lots of thanks to those who read my blog, and of course those who follow it.  Lots of thanks to the artists too, for allowing me to feature them.   Here are the links to Nati’s website , her DeviantArt gallery and her blog  .  Cheers, and happy 2013!