Artist Spotlight : Garrett Ley

Hi ! Soooo… Enough days have passed for me to write 2013’s first feature . Hope you all had a great New Year’s (I certainly did! ) .Anyways, I’m ready to roll for a new year of art reviews ! Let’s go !

This year kicks off with marker magician Garrett Ley , whose I work I coincidentally stumbled upon . My oh my , what was I impressed when I visited his gallery. Not only does Garrett have a great eye for detail, he also manages to create dynamic-looking characters and interesting, amazingly detailed backgrounds.



Prodigy by Garret Ley

This was one of the artists works that I saw first, and I was Impressed (with a capital ‘I’ ). With markers , and markers alone Garrett has created stained glass windows reminiscent of those in a church or palace. The contrast between the solid blacks and transparent greens give this illustration an aethereal atmosphere.  Note the light reflecting on the character’s left hand (right on the picture ), in her jacket and her face , which adds to the depth and vividness of this piece. The vague outlines of skyscrapers in the windows make a neat contrast with the windows themselves , lending it an urban touch while leaving the aethereal feel intact.

Title: Indigo Sunday

Indigo Sunday by Garret Ley

This illustration shows how versatile the artist is with his technique. Showing a combination of brush painting and marker, he has created a surreal atmosphere.   I absolutely love how different this illustration is from PRODIGY. Where the latter uses clearly defined shapes , creating a  ‘hard’ look,  Indigo Sunday is soft and dreamlike.    Note the details on the character’s kimono, which stand out from the blue in a way that does not disrupt the feel of the illustration , instead adding up to it. The artist clearly doesn’t shy away from using a wide array of colours and hues, making them work together  in a way I’ve seldom seen other marker artists do.   I also love the character’s gentle, somewhat surprised facial expression .

The jellyfish are  superbly illustrated, which just the right amount of detail to have your gaze linger for a while, making you think,  perhaps experiencing the same sense of wonder that the character has.

Title: Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa by Garret Ley

Look at the dizzying metal-  and wood-like structure in this illustration.  Instead of making it look crowded it directs our attention toward the standing alien- esque figure in the foreground , helped by the wires that seem to flow to and from her.  This is a great composition . Again, I’d like to point out the highlights , which are excellently placed and give the metal and the wires texture . I also like how the soft shading of the character makes her look real and organic , which works as a contrast against the metallic look of her surroundings.  Note her hair flowing out at her side which, complemented by her facial expression helps give her an empress- like attitude , while at the same time remaining soft and delicate due to the light colour of her skin.

Title: Bang Bang 

Bang Bang by Garret Ley

I like how this illustration is somewhat disturbing but  also playful. Look at that mischievous smile and you know what I mean.   The skulls add another playful touch, seeing it as they look rather cartoony instead of 100%  realistic. Are those hands protruding from between the roses ?  *shivers*  By the way, look at the gate-like structure in the background; the subtle gradients create the impression that it’s made of iron.  Together with the colour of the character’s dress and the guns she is holding it gives this illustration a vintage feel .   Note the ripped overknee socks  too, perfectly suited for a spunky action heroine  (or perhaps an extremely likable ‘bad girl’? *chuckles *)

That’s all for January folks! Don’t forget to drop by Garrett’ s  DeviantArt gallery to see more of his amazing work. Oh, and check out this great marker tutorial for Indigo Sunday if you’re curious <3  (I always like seeing how an artist works, and I highly recommend taking a look if you want to perfect your own marker skills )