Project spotlight: Only Human

Hi! I know it’s been a while. I just started college and have been busy for the past six months. I hope you didn’t think I had disappeared off the radar entirely; to be completely honest , aside from being busy I did not feel very motivated to write.  I don’t know how or why , but now that feel motivated again it’s time to get back on track :)

To kick off another year of art and awesomeness,  I would like to highlight a wonderful project by two aspiring artists.

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The project

‘Only Human’ is the initiative of illustrator Garrett Ley and craft artist Kevin Florkiewicz.  Their goal is to have a place in the Artist Alley of one of the major US conventions (think San Diego Comic Con) .  Currently , the two of them lack the sum needed to cover basic things like travel costs.  You can help them out by funding their project on Kickstarter. Of course, if you do you will get something in return;  choose to pledge $25 or more, and you will get a package containing an art book featuring not only exclusive work by Garrett, but  contributions by watercolour expert Koyamori  (whose work I will be featuring soon),  professional comics artist C.Lijewski  ,  prodigious Godzilla23 ,  digital artist Avodkabottle and marker artist Aileen ‘KiwiChameleon’ Strauch . Plus plushies by Kevin!

The idea

To present social commentary through humanity ‘s relationships with nature, technology , and religion. The illustrations in the art book will reflect this theme in a way that is distinctive of each of  the artists’  skills.

Examples of the artists whose work will be featured in the art book

'Terrarium' by Koyamori

‘Terrarium’ by Koyamori

'Black Hydrangea' by KiwiChameleon

‘Black Hydrangea’ by KiwiChameleon

'Fairy's time' by Gozilla23

‘Fairy’s time’ by Gozilla23

'Sea Fae' by Avodkabottle

‘Sea Fae’ by Avodkabottle

'SNOW' by C. Lijewski

‘SNOW’ by C. Lijewski

I wish both artists the best of luck , and I hope you will consider helping these two young ‘uns to realise their dream.

P.S. Check out Kevin’s Etsy store, 5 Flavors of Anime !


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