Artist spotlight: Koyamori

안녕하세요! (annyonghaseyo = hi! )

Gahh, sorry for the delay! I’ve just started college and am currently a bit caught up in the rattle-dazzle of it.  Anyways , let’s get on with the feature, ladies and gentlemen.


This time , the featured artist is Cynthia L.  , also known as Koyamori. Her strikingly imaginative illustrations combine a storybook- esque style with a sophisticated use of watercolours.

Title: Little Islands

Little Islands by KoyamoriI just love how the artist plays with dimensions and textures here. The blotted ink on the rocks resembles moss ,  and the use of different line widths works so well to create depth , at the same time presenting a strong visual style that is instantly recognizable.   Also note the wonderful gradients that can be found in the water; subtle , maybe even random, yet clearly though-out enough to give the illusion of depth.

Title: Castle

Castle by Koyamori

Even though the artist keeps things simple in terms of characters, the environments she creates are often highly detailed, such as in this piece. I love how every beam and tile of the castle is cleary visible, yet the characters in it are simple, allowing for a neat contrast that adds to the dynamic of the illustration.  Turns out you don’t just have to draw characters that are full of movement to present a sense of movement in an illustration .

Title: Night Glo

Nocturnals by Koyamori

Really digging how colour and contrast are applied here. Again the artist shows a vivid, imaginative art piece with a collection of odd but charming creatures interacting with a character and each other. The gradients in the creatures make them come to life effortlessly , together with the scribbly linework.  The darns background adds to the surreal atmosphere, perhaps a dream of the character’s , perhaps his thoughts .  Speaking of which, the character makes a wonderful contrast within the drawing as a whole ; not just the sparing usage of colour but also the thoughtful pose.

Portrait by KoyamoriA simple yet beautifully detailed portrait. Note the careful attention paid to the detailing of the hair, as wel as the decorations in it . The light orange-pink , giving a faded impression , reminds me of the work of Hokusai and Hiroshige . I also like the light blush on the character’s cheeks, giving her just that innocent yet spunky look together with her facial expression.

That’s it for my super belated February feature. I hope you will have fun wandering through Koyamori ‘s imaginative worlds , and don’t forget to check out her DeviantArt gallery as well as her online store.